Issues with SkyPro

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Here are the screen shots I mentioned…



“Connection Prohibited”

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In response to the question from tech support:

When I try to access the Lewisville Library web site it goes through the usual “ASSOCIATING” etc message until this:

After a wait, the message under “Wireless Status changes to “Connection Prohibited” and all three Status windows go blank.

If I connect directly to the AP I get a message from the browser saying that this system ( is untrusted and gives me the option to continue.  This is what I’ve done until now.  I can’t show a screen shot because once you’ve done this the browser “remembers” and won’t show this message again.  Then I get this screen:

Now when I close this screen I select any web site and I get (when I’m in Safari, Firefox tells me to “get out of there”…):

Press continue and this screen comes up:

Once I press “Accept” I am on the internet.

== John

Thanks, WFR guys!

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Even though it was Saturday, I received a quick response from Ken Hogan at WFRanger.  Together, we did some trouble shooting and discovered what the problem was.  Even better, we fixed it!

In my Preferences, I have set this order: Wireless, Cellular, and Ethernet.  When you install the WFRBoost, it finds the first active Internet and tries to configure that.  Since my Ethernet (which is what the WFRBoost connects to) was at the end of the list, the configuration program never got to it.  And so, the configuration was never applied and saved.

Ken was able to “dial in” on my WFRanger, check it out, and make the appropriate setup changes.  Then I did a re-configure and everything worked.  Ken now has a Service Bulletin posted on the WFR forum, and is making changes to the next release that will prevent this from happening.

Thanks, Guys!  Next week I will move to an area where I will have a better chance to test the WFRBoost, and give some better user feedback.

WFRBoost installed but not working (yet)

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Finally received the “new and improved WFRBoost” and it certainly is different than the first one!  Finally, we had a dry day and I went on the roof and installed the Boost.  No particular problems, but I did have to drill a new entry hole.  I installed the CAT 5 cable, and sealed it with the WFRBoost supplied grommet and sealant.  Then, just to make sure, I put a good sized piece of Eternabond over the whole entry. It should be totally watertight inside!

I decided I really wanted to hard wire this into the vehicle 12VDC system, so I searched until I found a live wire (in the switch for the antenna selector).  I then opened the WFRPod, removed the 12VDC coiled cable, and made my own.  Since this was a standard 2.5mm connector this was easy.

Next, I relocated some parts to make room for the WFRPod and hooked it all up.  Poer came on, and all systems seemed to be ready to go.  I got on the Internet via cellular, so the WFR was working.

However, when I tried to use the configuration page to activate the WFR i got an error message suggesting I check all connections.   I did this multiple times, including rebooting the system and even setting the WFR back to factory defaults.  Nothing worked, os I posted my issues on several forms, hopefully someone will have a solution.  As long as I don’t have to replace the CAT 5 cable, that is now full sealed through the roof….

Right side, showing WFRanger, WFRPod, modem, cabling

Left side: Cyfre 819 amp, WFRPod

WFR Bullet installation on TV mast



The WFR Mobile Boost arrived

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At last, the long awaited WiFi Ranger Mobile Boost arrived.  This is for me a big deal, as I travel in a lot of places where WiFi is somewhat remote.  And, where I am parked now, there is a super high speed open WiFi available, but it is just out of (electronic) reach…

So, I am disappointed that my Boost was not complete.  A short ethernet cable — used between the base plate and the Ranger — was missing, as were the instructions how to hook it all up.  Darn, now it will have to wait.

Also, the Boost requires 12VDC so I will have to find out where to tap into the coach 12VDC system.  And another thing, the base plate requires a hole to be routed for some of the parts.  I’m hoping that I can just cut a hole in the plate where I will be mounting the whole assembly.

So, I will have to wait until next week until all the parts get here.  I guess I can use that time to finish the installation, as that now is at least 10 times more difficult than I had expected.  Hopefully, I will have better news next week.



Testing the WFR Boost

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The WFR people sent me an (indoor) version of the WFBoost system, and it works.  Now I’ve got to get one that I can use on my RV!

Here are my found sites WITHOUT the boost:

And here is a partial screen after:

Should be self explanatory….

Patience is a virtue

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In principle, the WFR is exactly what a full time RVer needs.  Use free WiFi, and fall back to cellular when none is available… sounds great!  And, in 3 weeks of traveling, it has (mostly) worked out.

When I get ready to hit the road, I de-select WiFi and the WFR automatically goes to cellular.  It finds new towers etc. and my wife can access any internet site as we drive.  Great for maps, directions, etc.

When I arrive at a new location, I turn WiFi back on.  The WFR starts all kinds of things like SCANNING, VALIDATING, SPEEDTESTING etc. but then sometimes will show available networks but won’t log on.  So I start doing manual push button pushing, like “Join” etc. trying to get the system up.  Very frustrating.  But the solution is simple.

I’m impatient.  Where I am now, there are two free WiFi sites, and I couldn’t get WFR to log on no matter what I tried.  So I went back to a much slower cellular.  Then last night I had an idea, quit messing with the system and let it do the work.  So last night I turned WiFi back on before I went to bed.  This morning, I checked and it was properly logged on.

Patience is a virtue.  From now on, I’ll turn WiFi back on and not mess with the system.

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