At last, the long awaited WiFi Ranger Mobile Boost arrived.  This is for me a big deal, as I travel in a lot of places where WiFi is somewhat remote.  And, where I am parked now, there is a super high speed open WiFi available, but it is just out of (electronic) reach…

So, I am disappointed that my Boost was not complete.  A short ethernet cable — used between the base plate and the Ranger — was missing, as were the instructions how to hook it all up.  Darn, now it will have to wait.

Also, the Boost requires 12VDC so I will have to find out where to tap into the coach 12VDC system.  And another thing, the base plate requires a hole to be routed for some of the parts.  I’m hoping that I can just cut a hole in the plate where I will be mounting the whole assembly.

So, I will have to wait until next week until all the parts get here.  I guess I can use that time to finish the installation, as that now is at least 10 times more difficult than I had expected.  Hopefully, I will have better news next week.