Finally received the “new and improved WFRBoost” and it certainly is different than the first one!  Finally, we had a dry day and I went on the roof and installed the Boost.  No particular problems, but I did have to drill a new entry hole.  I installed the CAT 5 cable, and sealed it with the WFRBoost supplied grommet and sealant.  Then, just to make sure, I put a good sized piece of Eternabond over the whole entry. It should be totally watertight inside!

I decided I really wanted to hard wire this into the vehicle 12VDC system, so I searched until I found a live wire (in the switch for the antenna selector).  I then opened the WFRPod, removed the 12VDC coiled cable, and made my own.  Since this was a standard 2.5mm connector this was easy.

Next, I relocated some parts to make room for the WFRPod and hooked it all up.  Poer came on, and all systems seemed to be ready to go.  I got on the Internet via cellular, so the WFR was working.

However, when I tried to use the configuration page to activate the WFR i got an error message suggesting I check all connections.   I did this multiple times, including rebooting the system and even setting the WFR back to factory defaults.  Nothing worked, os I posted my issues on several forms, hopefully someone will have a solution.  As long as I don’t have to replace the CAT 5 cable, that is now full sealed through the roof….

Right side, showing WFRanger, WFRPod, modem, cabling

Left side: Cyfre 819 amp, WFRPod

WFR Bullet installation on TV mast