Even though it was Saturday, I received a quick response from Ken Hogan at WFRanger.  Together, we did some trouble shooting and discovered what the problem was.  Even better, we fixed it!

In my Preferences, I have set this order: Wireless, Cellular, and Ethernet.  When you install the WFRBoost, it finds the first active Internet and tries to configure that.  Since my Ethernet (which is what the WFRBoost connects to) was at the end of the list, the configuration program never got to it.  And so, the configuration was never applied and saved.

Ken was able to “dial in” on my WFRanger, check it out, and make the appropriate setup changes.  Then I did a re-configure and everything worked.  Ken now has a Service Bulletin posted on the WFR forum, and is making changes to the next release that will prevent this from happening.

Thanks, Guys!  Next week I will move to an area where I will have a better chance to test the WFRBoost, and give some better user feedback.