In principle, the WFR is exactly what a full time RVer needs.  Use free WiFi, and fall back to cellular when none is available… sounds great!  And, in 3 weeks of traveling, it has (mostly) worked out.

When I get ready to hit the road, I de-select WiFi and the WFR automatically goes to cellular.  It finds new towers etc. and my wife can access any internet site as we drive.  Great for maps, directions, etc.

When I arrive at a new location, I turn WiFi back on.  The WFR starts all kinds of things like SCANNING, VALIDATING, SPEEDTESTING etc. but then sometimes will show available networks but won’t log on.  So I start doing manual push button pushing, like “Join” etc. trying to get the system up.  Very frustrating.  But the solution is simple.

I’m impatient.  Where I am now, there are two free WiFi sites, and I couldn’t get WFR to log on no matter what I tried.  So I went back to a much slower cellular.  Then last night I had an idea, quit messing with the system and let it do the work.  So last night I turned WiFi back on before I went to bed.  This morning, I checked and it was properly logged on.

Patience is a virtue.  From now on, I’ll turn WiFi back on and not mess with the system.